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why you might want to chuck your bucket list

What’s your next adventure?

I don’t mean climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or running across the Grand Canyon (and back).

Of course I’m thrilled to talk about both if you want to create an adventure bucket list and shake things up, just email me and I'll help you get started.

What I mean is: are you playing enough, having fun, and taking even small microadventures?

This means exploring somewhere new like a museum or restaurant in the hood, or trying something mildly challenging like learning a language you’re curious about, or channeling your creativity like taking that pottery class you’ve thought about since you saw Demi Moore in Ghost.

If you’re like me, there is plenty of time in your day spent worrying about your still unread emails, or the social media scroll you promise you won’t get sucked into (again), or the mundane tasks that just have to get done like laundry and putting food on the table.

What I’m talking about is making time for play sacred...not instead of but in addition to those things.

Because it turns out play is non-negotiable for your overall wellbeing.

Try this brief exercise with me.

Think about how you spend your time each day and ask yourself how much it includes:

  1. time spent without purpose,
  2. doing something you don’t want to end,
  3. letting go of what others think, and
  4. time when you’re not worried about or planning what’s happening next (i.e. you’re present!)

That’s what play means. For kids and adults.

Studies show that play also leads to productivity, creativity, innovation, improved relationships….but this email is about helping you define your next adventure.

Start by getting micro.

Maybe try what Alastair Humphrey did in his book, Microadventures and plan to eat at 26 restaurants in order of the alphabet (Afghan food, Belgian food, Chinese food, etc).

What if you tried to run every street in your town with a friend…just for fun? (Try that in NYC!)

Or go to yoga for 7 days in a row, just to see what happens?

Or sign up for a stand-up comedy class because you know you’re funny, you just need a stage?

Adventure is right there inside you, snuggled between playfulness and awareness, you just need to give it a chance. It doesn’t have to cost money, take weeks, or feel far away.

So don't delete your bucket list...but maybe hit return a couple times to make space for some microadventures at the top to get you started.

And when you're ready to dive in and commit, let me know. I love helping people achieve their dreams, from mild to wild!

With fierce love,

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