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I totally get it...

You’re overwhelmed and running on empty, but everyone needs you.

You’re the giver, the doer, the planner…in fact, you barely have time to read these words. 

You’re feeling stuck and questioning your purpose.

Maybe you have everything and all is good…but still, you feel pulled to something more. 

It’s a kind of longing. To get unstuck and find more meaning. And more fun. 

You want more “living” in your one life.

I'm Alison

...and I get it! I was there, too.  

I am a happy, working mom of three but I had been moving so quickly through the motions, busy and distracted, that I lost sight of my SELF. I felt the days passing, my kids getting older, and I wondered if I was making the most of my one life. I had lost my playfulness, my sense of adventure, and fun.  

I found it unexpectedly after taking five days off to do what I love and fill my days with yoga classes. I felt selfish and racked with mom guilt.

Ironically, when my kids saw how happy I was, they asked me when I was going to do yoga again. They gave me the permission I had been seeking, an invitation to play. I began to do more of what I love, and even involved them in my newfound freedom. It started by making the time and each day I began to squeeze more of that good stuff out of life.

I promise, choosing to play is not at the expense of your family or work. It’s the opposite. Everyone around you benefits. 

So tell me, what’s the story you want to tell with your one wild and precious life?

How do you think your family and friends will remember you?  

What do you really want? 

I will help you.

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"Alison makes you feel so seen and heard, and that's where I think healing really begins." 

Brooklyn, NY

How it Works


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Send me an email with any and all questions. I’m open, loving, and I do not judge!

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If we are a fit, we'll book a 60-min virtual session and plan to meet weekly or monthly, depending on your needs.


Receive My Support

I provide resources and readings and teach mindfulness tools that you can use between sessions.

Here’s a look at my clients over the years: 

  • Parents looking to work from home, launch their idea or redefine their purpose
  • People navigating marital struggles and/or trying to "consciously uncouple"
  • Post-college graduates exploring their professional opportunities
  • Anyone craving more meaning or wanting to do service work

Here’s a look at my clients over the years: 

  • People who feel stuck in their job
  • People who feel stuck in their relationship 
  • People trying to reboot their career
  • People who are tired of overwhelm and need more adventure, fun, and PLAY

Past Clients

“Whether you are getting coached for a personal or professional reason, I highly, highly recommend working with Alison.  She gives you a chance to step back and see things in a new perspective and think about life differently than and shake things up in a really positive way. Do it!”

Kristi M
Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

“Alison helps you to start feeling more positive and confident about yourself. She listens and it’s  like she almost understands you completely. She helped me get unstuck and everything started to make sense  in my life, and I began to focus on what I needed to accomplish. I learned a lot about myself.”

Rosa L
Bronx, NY


“Alison coaches with an incredible balance of the mind, heart and body but also lives life fully in all three elements. Her ability to relate to both men AND women is one of her most powerful tools. I genuinely believe that Alison has something unique. She forces you to ask those questions that are really important questions to be asking in your one life.”

Sandy B
Oldwick, NJ
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Here’s What We’ll Focus On


Define your path including next steps to take, personally or professionally


Shift to a positive mindset and get an overall energy assessment


Create fun and adventure, including travel, service work, and ways to add meaning

Resources We’ll Use Together


I offer online assessments and quizzes that will shine light onto your values, strengths, skills and more.

AQ Playsheets

I have hundreds of PLAYsheets I provide, from productivity grids to clarity-gaining exercises.

Further Reading

I offer articles, book recommendations, and links to relevant studies based on a variety of topics.

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