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animal messenger: rabbit

How many times have you had to forcefully extract yourself from the rabbit hole of Google?

Just yesterday, instead of working, I found myself in an unending series of articles about:

- Ashwagandha root after seeing a mindbodygreen article promising it would help me sleep

- 1970s NYC politics after having drinks with my former UNICEF boss who was also the first woman President of NYC Council, read: trailblazer

- Play in the workplace, as I research my eventual book, and

- the Kardashians, and please don’t ask me about this one, just trust that I was only trying to figure out which sister belongs to which sister belongs to which sister.

Instead of feeling guilty, I decided to dedicate the rabbit as our Animal Messenger this month.

The rabbit symbolizes creativity, fertility, and luck.

In some cultures, a rabbit symbolizes compassion and intuition.

Most often, a rabbit is associated with springtime and new beginnings, so here is my two-part challenge for you this April.

What if you Spring Clean before the end of April?

I’m a big fan of cleaning closets, but what if you also consciously let go of something this month so you can free up your time or energy and feel lighter, or less stressed?

It could be a tiny task, or something that’s weighed you down for a while.

Second, what if you chose one project (just one) to Spring Forward this month?

What does that look like for you?

Maybe you finally make that photo book for your child that you keep putting on the back burner until you "have time" or run out of cloud storage?

Or write the proposal for your book idea, the one that lives in the back of your mind but is dying to come out?

Or organize that weekend away you dream about with your child, friend, spouse, partner, fill-in-the-blank…?

Whatever you choose to spring clean and spring forward, know that I’m here for you.

All (bunny) ears, ready to help you take action. Just let me know.

And don’t forget to send me your rabbit sightings this April! I pasted a couple I saw or my members sent me from the last few days alone...

Happy searching!

I promise the signs are everywhere when you know what you're looking for and tune in.

With fierce love,

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