Learn more about your
play personality!

Find work-life balance by prioritizing life

Feel like life is passing by and not sure you’re making the most of it?

Don’t have time for something as “frivolous” as play?

Feeling depleted from giving to everyone around you?

Feeling stuck?



If so, you’re in the right place.


It’s hard to find time for you.


but What If i told you that you could learn a few tips and get ideas on:


– how to find balance

– Feel more positive

– lighten your load

– and make the most out of each day



would you make the time?

Play is not frivolous.


Playing for just minutes a day can:


decrease your stress

improve your sleep

increase your productivity

benefit your relationships

channel your creativity 

and help you feel more satisfied.

The AQ Playbook includes...


Too busy? Don't know where to start? Forgot how to play?

Get ideas on how to overcome what's stopping you.

The Play PERSONAlities

Go deeper into all 5 Play Personalities -

whether you are a Mover, Thinker, Creator, Connector, Explorer...or a bit of each one.


Get activities, playlists, prompts, and more.

Walk away with inspiration, and specific ways to take action and lighten your load.

"Alison's love for life is infectious.
She is one of my favourite people - courageous, compassionate, and caring.
A naturally gifted coach, a wonderful mother and friend,
it is difficult to imagine a better guide to have at your side."
Andy Puddicombe, co-founder & voice of Headspace

About Alison

I am a life coach, play specialist and parenting expert. But I’m also a mother, friend, and person who has challenged myself to make the most out of each day – even when I’m busy, even when it’s hard, even when it feels too stressful.

I can work with you get unstuck, rediscover your fun (and fulfilled) self again, and – just like the handstands I’m totally obsessed with – help you find more balance in your work and life.

For years I traveled with UNICEF creating play programs for kids in around the world, and then co-founded apple seeds & songs for seeds – two award-winning businesses focused on learning through play. As a life coach, I notice that many adults have lost their sense of play, and can’t make time for themselves in a busy life. I get it. 

I came up with tools and ideas to help you find your groove again. 

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.”

-George Bernard Shaw