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Play Personality Quiz


Your Play Personalities are:

The Creator

I like your style, Creator!

Your Play Personality can be described as original, inventive, expressive and interested in the imagination. 

I’ve curated a FREE “playlist” for you with suggested activities. I left plenty of space for you to make it your own. Download your free playlist here.

Did you know there are 5 Play Personalities? Learn more about them and the AQ Playbook here.

I’m excited to share this with you! Why?

Because play isn’t going to find you.

You have to make a plan and find it.

That starts with knowing what play means…for YOU.

This Playbook will help you define your way to play and do what you love. And you can do it anywhere, any time.

You’ll get:

•ideas to help you get unstuck

•how to manage all those blocks that get in the way of finding more fun and enjoyment

•suggestions to help you take real action and feel happier

•an accountability tool

For $27, you’ll light a spark inside that’s dying to be lit. The world needs your smile and you deserve to have more fun in this one life!!

Now, Creator, go start that project you’ve always been talking about!

So you learned a lot about how you like to play.

What’s next?

Take action.

Download this interactive Playbook. What are you waiting for?!

Here's a regret no one ever heard: "I had way too much fun in my life!"