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Dear Soul Inverter,

If you’ve taken my 6-week Press Play on Life workshop, you know that I have a genuine interest in your growth on this life’s journey. I truly enjoy helping people take action on their intentions with a renewed sense of mystery, play, and adventure—and this doesn’t end when the workshop is over! I am all-in and want to continue supporting your growth within a safe, nonjudgmental, inspiring membership group, so I created the Soul Inversion Community.

My goal is to inspire you to discover layers of yourself you may have never met. By joining my membership program, I offer you the chance to continue that discovery throughout all areas in your life within a community dedicated to this work. Press Play on Life is the necessary deep dive, but the membership allows you to make these habits a new way of being.

I invite you to join our membership and see today as your personal Day One. I am in awe of the differences between the people I work with in this community—working outside or inside the home, older and younger, executives and artists, parents and those without children, married, divorced, and single. I am often reminded of my work at UNICEF, traveling to countries in almost every continent on the planet, only to realize what I have always suspected: We are more similar than we are different. 

We are all struggling and we are all growing in various stages of life. We want freedom and joy and contentment. We want authenticity, however inconvenient. We want love.

Let’s find it together.

With fierce love,


What is the Soul Inversion Membership?

Soul Inversion is a membership focused on holding a safe space for a community of people interested in growth and change. We’ll help you move through your “lifequakes”—big and small changes—in a calmer way, supported, and with more clarity about the next chapter.

When I chose the name Soul Inversion, I was inspired by my beloved handstand as a metaphor. When we flip our perspective to see things in a new way, we also find new energy and solutions. It’s also a playful reminder to try to keep things light, especially when it’s heavy. This is a choice.

This community is for anyone looking for deeper meaning and accountability on the path to clarity. You do not have to be a graduate of Press Play on Life to become a member.


"I am here to keep becoming truer, more beautiful versions of myself again and again forever. To be alive is to be in a perpetual state of revolution."

Glennon Doyle

Keep The Momentum Going

As poet Mary Oliver reminds us, this is your one wild and precious life. Are you making the most of it? Do you want to squeeze more joy out of life? Play more? Create more adventure? Find deeper meaning? 

Even when life is busy, it’s so important to make the time for your own growth. Join now and show up for yourself, consistently, and with accountability. 

Who is it for?

The Soul Inversion community is for anyone looking for deeper meaning and accountability on the path to clarity. You do not have to be a graduate of Press Play on Life to become a member.

"Alison's aura, even online, transcends the screen."

I can see myself wanting to come back to the circle, wanting to come back to share stories, wanting to come back and hear what the steps of productivity are again. The work we do will travel with me for years to come. I see Soul Inversion being a part of my present and future.

Louise from Greenwich, CT

"Alison helped me understand that as important as career success is, I still need to prioritize time to play. Without it, I'm not my best self."

I also got a lot out of the tracker we used every week. We set up personal goals and held ourselves accountable. I liked having the manual process to make sure I was doing the things that I was supposed to, and then you develop these as habits by the end of six weeks. And I loved being surrounded by a supportive community so I got even more out of the workshop the second time.

Meagan from Washington DC

"Alison is almost like a wilderness guide…if you set your intention to something, she’ll help you get through it. "

The work you do is a commitment to oneself—an opportunity to learn more about your personality, or lay out the things you want to accomplish. Alison teaches you that you already have what it takes to succeed. And the work was actually a tremendous amount of fun!

Gail from San Francisco, CA

What’s Included

Live Coaching Calls

Monthly interactive calls where we dive deep together into a different topic each week and I answer your related questions.

Weekly Emails from Me

Membership emails include stories, downloadable exercises, journal prompts, and more.

Guided Meditations

Virtual guided meditations and breathwork will help you find peace and clarity, even if you’re someone who typically finds meditation difficult.

Private Facebook Group

Our private Facebook group offers constant support and accountability on progress within a safe, loving community.

Curated Resources

You’ll receive book and article recommendations to give you an outside perspective on each of the monthly themes.

30-Day Challenges

Motiving and fun 30-day challenges throughout the year including Soul Care, Mind-Body and (of course) How to Handstand!

"You want to listen and learn from her. Her guided meditations are my favorite. "

I always looked forward to the sessions, and having somebody hold me accountable was really helpful. The self-care becomes a habit and you don’t want to stop. I wholeheartedly believe in Alison and the tools she teaches. She genuinely wants to help you and give you inspiration. People see a difference in you when you take care of yourself because you create your own happiness, and then you want to share that happiness with everyone.

Mandi from Houston, TX

"She makes you feel like you are the only person in the room. "

I was feeling stuck both personally and professionally, not knowing how to move forward. Alison really listens and gives great advice. She is like a magnet and she’s able to connect with people from all different backgrounds.

Lillian from Rhinebeck, NY

"Alison has curated the most wonderful collection of resources—books, quotes, and personality tests—for your journey."

There’s an immense amount of content out there to help you through a life shift, but she has organized her resources so you can digest them and not feel overwhelmed. I am absolutely staying in the program, and going on an in-person retreat once the world comes back together again. I am spreading the gospel because I have so many friends who could benefit from her work.

Terri from Newport, RI

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Where is the program held?

Everything is in your online personal dashboard on this website, including the live call links and your monthly resources. You can access it all from anywhere.

Can I join the membership without taking Press Play on Life?

Anyone can sign up for the membership! However it is a great way to stay accountable to the action plan you created in Press Play on Life.

What if I can’t make the live call?

The call recordings will live on your page in the dashboard, so you can access them later at your convenience.

What materials do I need to bring?

You just need a pen, paper...and of course, a curious, open mind ready for growth and change! Monthly resources are downloadable from your dashboard.

Is there a payment plan?

Paying up for a whole year gives you one month free, but you can also pay in monthly installments.

Is there a cancellation policy?

If you are not happy, let us know and we will stop payment. Please reach out to us at with specific concerns.

What if I have more questions?

For further inquiries, email I am here to help you and genuinely look forward to hearing from you!

Do we ever meet in person?

I can't wait to host in-person retreats again as soon as possible!

What is my spirit animal?

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"Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing. "

Laurie Buchanan