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I'll hold your hand through the change you are seeking.

Dear Soul Inverter,

If you’ve taken my 6-week workshop, Press Play on Life, you know that I have a genuine interest in your growth on this life’s journey.I truly enjoy helping people take action on their intentions, with a renewed sense of mystery, play, and adventure. And this doesn’t end when the workshop is over! I am all-in and want to continue supporting your growth within a safe, nonjudgmental, inspiring membership group, so I created the Soul Inversion Community.

My goal is to inspire you to uncover layers of yourself you may have never met, and it’s magic to witness this self-discovery. By joining my membership program, I offer you the chance to continue that discovery throughout all areas in your life and within a community that is dedicated to this work. When you begin to question the expectations that you are trying to live up to, the process of letting go is just the beginning. I want to help you navigate this transformation with grace. Change is never easy, big or small, even when it’s the right thing to do. It’s HARD. It takes clarity, calm, and conscious effort. It takes consistently choosing yourself, sometimes at the expense of others. It takes the repeated practice of sinking into a deeper kind of joy and slowly building a quiet confidence about the brave choice to be the hero of your own story. Press Play for Life Is the necessary deep dive, but the membership allows you to make these habits a new way of being.

A Soul Inversion membership allows the magic to continue! I will encourage you to
give yourself the permission you are seeking to live authentically. I invite you to join our membership and see today as your personal Day One. I am in awe of the differences between the people I work with in this community – working outside or inside the home, older and younger, executives and artists, parents and those without children, married, divorced, and single. I am often reminded of my work at UNICEF having had the good fortune to travel to countries in almost every continent on the planet, only to realize what I have always suspected: we are more similar than we are different. We are all struggling and we are all growing in various stages of life. We want freedom and joy and contentment. We want authenticity, however inconvenient. We want love.

Let’s find it all together.
I look forward to sharing with you!

With fierce love,



What is the Soul Inversion Membership?

Soul Inversion is a membership focused on holding a safe, nonjudgmental space for a community of people interested in growth and change. We’ll help you move through your life quakes – big and small changes – in a calmer way, supported and with more clarity about the next chapter. Soul Inversion is represented by my beloved handstand as a metaphor. When we flip our perspective to see things in a new way, we also find new energy and solutions. It’s also a playful reminder to try to keep things light, especially when it’s heavy. This is a choice.

Each month, I provide a theme on a live call and provide exercises, play sheets and action steps related to the topic in your personal dashboard. I also offer guided meditations, weekly email inspiration and recommendations on books, poetry, soul whispers and more. You’ll have access to 30-day challenges focused on Mind-Body Alignment, Soul Care, Productivity and of course adding more Play into your days with How to Handstand! and How to take a Mystery Trip! You’ll be supported by me and the community to regularly share your updates.

I invite you to soak upland expand all the good that you already have inside of you…and let go of the rest. This is your one precious life and you have a limited number of breaths. Are you taking them intentionally? Are you pausing to cherish them? Are you playing in between? Let’s help each other make the most of it!

  1. Your mind-body updates (are you meditating regularly? are you exercising and taking care of your body? are you signed up for any races? etc) .
  2. Your professional goals (for example, that book you said you wanted to write, the business you keep crafting in your mind, etc Can you take the time each month to help you move closer towards achieving it?).
  3. that thing you said was no longer serving you or that toxic relationship…have you let it go to make space for other people, other things?

What’s Included


The Sunday Soul Inversion LIVE conversation, in which we deep dive together into a different topic each week and I answer your related questions


Guided meditations and breathwork, both live and recorded.


Access to a private Facebook group for constant support and accountability on progress in a safe, loving community


Downloadable exercises and journal prompts related to monthly themes


Guided meditations and breathwork, both live and recorded.


The Sunday Soul Inversion LIVE conversation, in which we deep dive together into a different topic each week and I answer your related questions


What are you waiting for?

Enroll today to start your journey.