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MAY 2021



Welcome to May. This month we focus on my favorite theme…. PLAY!

Remember, you shouldn’t have an un-lived dream.

And if you never chase your dreams, you will never catch them.

If you frame your days with the brevity of life in mind, does it make you scared? Or does it remind you to always choose joy? To allow yourself to play? To stay in flow and worry less?

QUESTION: The questions for this month are 1) How do you play? 2) How often do you play? and 3) If you don’t play enough, what’s stopping you?

ANIMAL: This month’s Animal Messenger is the monkey…. happy searching! Please share your monkeys in our Facebook group (as well as any articles, stories or experiences)

MEDITATIONS: The Older Self meditation is a great reminder about why we live, what we are living for, what we will remember, and the meaning of it all…enjoy a short (3 min) and longer (10 min) versions.

This month’s playsheets include 3 activities related to PLAY, and (as always) your Soul Care Chart:

  1. Have More Fun
  2. How I Play
  3. My Bucket List (write it all down! let’s make it happen!)
  4. Soul Care Chart: I want you to continue tracking your soul care in our four key areas every month: Meditation, Exercise, Nutrition and Sleep. It’s critical to take care of yourself or else it’s hard to move forward on any path. Tracking your data will help you notice patterns and either break bad habits or create new ones. Remember to also note when you PLAYED and found laughter this month, as well as when you PAUSED and found rest and recovery.

Enjoy…see you on the Live Calls!



Why aren't I having more fun?

How I play

My Bucket List



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