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March 2021



Welcome to March…spring is near!

This month’s theme is RESILIENCE.

Can you believe it’s already March? It’s been one year since our worlds were turned upside down, and we faced so much uncertainty and change, individually and as a collective.

QUESTION: The question for this month is: What is your proudest achievement or most positive silver lining from this past year?  Flipping it to the positive, can we find the gifts in the madness? Be prepared to share your answers as we will discuss this question on our live call.

ANIMAL: This month’s Animal Messenger is my favorite (as you know from Press Play on Life).  Let’s search for the elephant! The elephant’s message is an excellent reminder to both stay light in the heavy times, and also KEEP MOVING FORWARD. Stay strong. You can find more on our monthly animal in resources.

This month’s playsheets include 3 activities, and (as always) your Soul Care Chart:

Finding the Lessons in the Hardest Things: Looking back on your life, I invite you to reflect on the hardest things you’ve been through in your life 1) emotionally, 2) professionally and 3) physically. Download the attached playsheet and journal your experience in each area but here is the catch. You must INCLUDE the whole story, meaning how you showed up once you were past the difficulty. We tend to remember the tough stuff and anxiety of our darkest times, but here I want you to also write about what happened and how you grew when you came out on the other side.

My Coping Mechanism: Honor your ability to get through tough stuff by writing (and sharing) your primary coping method to get through hard things. Do you meditate or pray? Do you look to your friends or do you go inside? Do you get through this quickly or do you need time, or certain things to happen outside of you in order to feel better?  Enjoy this time to really get to know yourself and appreciate the ways you move through tough stuff. These reflections are important to observe as you continue the journey to the highest version of yourself.

Gifts in a Pandemic: download this playsheet and write a few things you learned about yourself in 2020. Did you find a silver lining? Did you grow in specific ways? Is there a new aspect to yourself that you discovered?

Soul Care Chart: I want you to track your soul care in our four key areas every month: Meditation, Exercise, Nutrition and Sleep. It’s critical to take care of yourself or else it’s hard to move forward on any path. Tracking your data will help you notice patterns and either break bad habits or create new ones.

Perhaps most importantly, remember to also note when you PLAYED and found laughter this month, as well as when you PAUSED and found rest and recovery.

Enjoy…see you on the Live Calls!



Resilience Exercise

Soul Care Tracking Chart

Meditation on Resilience (11 minutes)

Meditation on Resilience (5 minutes)

13 Steps to a Resilient Self



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