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February 2021



Welcome to February’s theme on LOVE!

Why do I focus on LOVE?

Because I know that love wins. I also know that love radiates, inside and out.

This month’s Animal Messenger is… the Penguin!  Read more about why in the attached monthly overview.

This month’s question is: What do people come to you for?  I like this question because it’s a helpful reminder of what you are known for, good at, and why people love you for who you already are. Can you honor that part of yourself and celebrate the answer? We will discuss this question on our live call.

This month’s playsheets include 3 activities, and (as always) your Soul Care Chart:

My Top Values: download the attached playsheet and write your top 5. This is important in knowing not only what you value about yourself, but what others value in you.

A Healthy Look at Myself: download this playsheet and let go of judgment and self-doubt! Enjoy this time to really get to know yourself, this is not selfish, this is important to moving into the highest version of you!

Love Letter to Myself: download this playsheet and begin writing a positive letter to yourself…about yourself! This is hard so I offer tips to help you get started. Write in the 3rd person, write to your older self, or write to and even hold your younger self with kindness. Write what you honor in you, write without judgment. We will talk about this more on our live call.

Soul Care Chart: I want you to track your soul care in our four key areas every month: Meditation, Exercise, Nutrition and Sleep. It’s critical to take care of yourself or else it’s hard to move forward on any path. Tracking your data will help you notice patterns and either break bad habits or create new ones.

Perhaps most importantly, remember to also note when you PLAYED and found laughter this month, as well as when you PAUSED and found rest and recovery.

Enjoy…see you on the Live Calls!


My Top Values

A Healthy Look At Myself

My (Self) Love Letter

Self-Love Meditation (10 min)

Self-Love Meditation (3 min)

Who Am I? (DISC assessment)

Soul Care Tracking Chart

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