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OMMMs & the 3-Second Meditation


Welcome to August. This month we focus on OMMM’s & the 3-second meditation.

QUESTION: When in your day do you pause and come into conscious awareness?

ANIMAL: This month’s Animal Messenger is the frog…. happy searching! The frog reminds us to shed toxic energy, embrace and grow through change, and open our eyes to the opportunities around us. Please share your frogs in our Facebook group and WhatsApp (as well as any articles, stories or experiences)

PLAYSHEETS: This month’s playsheets include journal prompts, ideas for OMMMs to incorporate into your day, and an outline of our August challenge!

CHALLENGE: Starting Monday August 9, for 2 weeks, we will be sharing our OMMMs & 3-second meditations with each other in the WhatsApp! Send us a picture of what you did, or simply describe it and how it made you feel. I can’t wait to be inspired by all of you!

Enjoy…see you on the Live Calls!


August Presentation

Journal Prompts

My Daily OMMMs

August Challenge Outline



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