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April 6, 2021



Welcome to April…spring is finally here!

This month’s theme is REBIRTH & RENEWAL. 

Do you honor the end of things? When are you feeling anxious or caught in a trying time, do you take the time to honor the ending of that experience when it’s over, and celebrate the new beginning?

With every breath we take, we are reminded that each moment has a beginning, middle and end. Everything ends, nothing lasts. And while endings can be hard, they also make space for newness and the renewal energy of creation and change. This month is all about embracing these concepts.

Can you remember that as the sun sets, it will always (always) rise again?

Can you set your intention during the darkness of the new moon…viewing the dark less about the unknown, and more about creation with the absence of judgment and limitations? As each day passes, new light shines, increasingly, in the predictable cycle, reminding us of renewal –  beginnings and endings.

QUESTION: The question for this month is: What can you recommit to this month?  What is the one thing you want to work on this month, to renew or restart? Is it a nutrition goal? Or a restart on your exercise routine? Or a goal you set at work that keeps spinning in your mind? Be prepared to share this with us on the live call.

ANIMAL: This month’s Animal Messenger is the BEAR! The bear’s message is an excellent reminder to pause more, to gain the energy needed for rebirth and renewal. Bears hibernate, regroup and re-emerge in spring. When we “hibernate,” or suspend our activity (in big or small ways), we immerse ourselves in the present moment. It is here we recover only to restart again, re-emerging in the metaphorical spring.  Please share your bear findings in our FB group!

This month’s playsheets include 3 activities, and (as always) your Soul Care Chart:

  1. Rebirth & Renewal / Your Micro and Macro Activities: I invite you to write down all the ways you “hibernate” and give yourself the space to restart and renew. On a micro level, do you go for a walk or take on a yoga class? Or a macro level, do you take a needed vacation and allow yourself downtime, or perhaps more seriously, plan the ending of a job or relationship in a careful and calm way? These moments will provide you with the energy needed for renewal and creation. Keep them personal or share with me and the group. The act of writing them down is powerful!
  2. Rebirth & Renewal/Honoring the Endings: Think back on a powerful ending in your life, perhaps it was painful. Did you honor the ending when it was actually over? What is the lesson you took from that ending and pulled into the next one? Closing my business in Covid was sad, but I’ve celebrated that chapter, honored the necessary ending and wrote down the gifts and the lessons I gained that I can pull into this new business. Can you share yours?
  3. Rebirth & Renewal/Renew Your Vows to You: Write down your intention, or the vow you want to renew for yourself. This month, I recommit to…what? Write and reflect on this, use the chart to check off your progress each day, and share with the group so we can hold space for you and help keep you accountable!

Soul Care Chart: I want you to track your soul care in our four key areas every month: Meditation, Exercise, Nutrition and Sleep. It’s critical to take care of yourself or else it’s hard to move forward on any path. Tracking your data will help you notice patterns and either break bad habits or create new ones.

Perhaps most importantly, remember to also note when you PLAYED and found laughter this month, as well as when you PAUSED and found rest and recovery.

With fierce love,




Rebirth Reflection Exercise

My Renewal/Rebirth Tools

My Vow Renewal Chart

Renewal Meditation



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