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Week 2

Gaining Clarity


Wednesday, February 10

12:30 pm ET


This week we focused on gaining clarity in your path, both personal and professional.

Check out this week’s playsheets and here is some guidance:

1. Soul Care Chart: Please continue to track your data in all 4 areas as it’s important to recognize patterns. Focusing your attention can help you develop new habits, or break old patterns. It takes just a few weeks to create good habits or break bad ones so take advantage of this workshop! I want to help you stay aligned.

2. The ikigai diagram and the Native Genius grid: You can download these directly from this dashboard. You can either print them, or type within the editable doc. I suggest printing and handwriting since the act of writing is not only a lost art, it’s also helpful to pull away from the computer and its distractions to really self-reflect. Use a pencil so you can erase! This work is the ever-changing work of a lifetime. Some thoughts as you dive in:

    • To guide you, I included some examples. As a start, I invite you to write freely within each quadrant of the Native Genius grid or in each circle of the ikigai diagram and then see the examples if you need guidance.
    • You can also write your thoughts in list form, on a separate piece of paper, if easier.
    • Write from your heart and give your most honest answers. If you are struggling, you can ask friends and family for their advice on this too, for example, “what do you think I am good at?” or “when do you see me in flow?” There is one caveat here – Please listen to their words, but stay true to yourself.

 3. Quiz: This week is the Values in Action assessment (link in dashboard). I really like this online survey from the VIA Institute on Character as it is a powerful look at what you value and prioritize, and why. It will help you understand how to relate to people, and why you choose what you do. I will share a helpful book in the resources list and I encourage you to have your close friends or family members take this as you will better understand each other!

4. Question: “What did you want to be when you grew up?” I’ve heard everything from a back-up dancer and doctor to a professional soccer player and nun. Go deep and try to remember! Be prepared to share this on our call.

5. Animal Messenger: Our Week 2 animal is the HAWK, a reminder of clarity, vision and perspective. The hawk has an amazing ability to spot the tiniest hint of what she’s after and then she goes for it, continually scanning the earth for what she’s looking for (that’s how you see the signs or your breadcrumbs!). A daily mindfulness practice will help you tune in and get clear.




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