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Week 1

Soul Care


Wednesday, February 3

12:30 pm ET


This week we focus on the mind-body connection, and you’ll learn how to set up healthy practices: more exercise, increasing your mindfulness or meditation practice, healthy nutrition, and improved sleep.  Check the presentation or watch the replay if you need guidance, and download your assignments for this week. Send questions for support, I am here to help you!

  1. Soul Care Chart: The goal is to track your data in 4 key areas as you align your mind and body: meditation, exercise, nutrition, and sleep.  Don’t forget to focus on playing and pausing. Adding these two additional aspects into your weeks will help you see the ways you slow down but also squeeze the fun out of life.
  2. Values List: choose 10 (or 15) values that you believe define who you are (you can include your aspirational values too!). Try to get creative once you’ve circled your choices (using markers or your computer). Post this somewhere so you can see it every day throughout the entirety of the workshop.
  3. Quiz: Your Enneagram Personality Type. You will find an external link to this quiz and I highly recommend it! It’s typically spot on.
  4. Question: What’s your “Why?” This is a sentence prompt exercise that you can download directly and one you will likely work on over and over again as you rediscover layers of yourself.
  5. Animal Messenger: Our Week 1 animal is the BUTTERFLY, a reminder of transformation and change, as well as our fleeting existence (let’s make the most of it!!) Whether a real butterfly passes you, or you see it on a shirt or a screen…my bet is you will find one. The signs are everywhere! Please share your findings in the comments section right here in our dashboard. You will be amazed how often you will find our spirit animals each week!

I will help you get over an “I can’t do it” mentality. You CAN do it.  I’ll support you!



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