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Press Play On Life | Winter 2021 – Tuesdays

Press Play on Life is a 6-week intensive program where you’ll discover what it means to live your most authentic life and take actionable steps toward achieving your goals. By focusing on core concepts related to self-care, clarity, resilience, and growth, you’ll learn how to take proactive steps to un-pause and press play on your life.

Tue, Feb 2

4:30 pm ET

Week 1

Soul Care

Tue, Mar 2

4:30 pm ET

Week 5

Productivity, Prioritization and Time Management

Tue, Feb 23

4:30 pm ET

Week 4

Finding Freedom, Adventure and Play

Tue, Feb 16

4:30 pm ET

Week 3

Soul Whispers

Tue, Feb 9

4:30 pm ET

Week 2

Gaining Clarity

Tue, Mar 9

4:30 pm ET

Week 6

Let Go, Find Strength and Move Ahead!