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Week 3

Soul Whispers


This week we focused on gaining clarity in your path, both personal and professional.

Check out this week’s presentation, video and playsheets. Here is some guidance:

1. Soul Care Chart: Please continue to track your data in all 4 areas as it’s important to recognize patterns. Focusing your attention can help you develop new habits, or break old patterns. It takes just a few weeks to create good habits or break bad ones so take advantage of this workshop! I want to help you stay aligned.

2. Birthday Party Exercise: Write your future self a birthday toast highlighting all of your biggest life accomplishments. What is the legacy you want to leave? This is your chance to reflect on how you want to be remembered.

3. Soul Journal: Start a Soul Journal (or continue journaling). Make this workshop an excuse to write from your heart, go deeper, and tune in. The answers are right there inside of you! Slow down. Think. Remember to write honestly and authentically…these words are only for you. Can you lose the self-doubt and allow yourself to dream? Can you let go of the expectations that were placed upon you and write from your heart?

4. 14 Tactical Steps to Quiet the Mind and Listen to the Soul: Try a few of these steps and tune into the universe, especially this week. Share your signs and synchronicities in the comments section in our dashboard.  You will be surprised how compelling your dreams are, or how informative a conversation with nature can be. Can you google breath workshops near you, even if virtual? Go for a hike?

Are you noticing more signs? I see them every single day, I’m not kidding!  Open your mind and soul, and look!

5. Quiz:This week you will be taking my Play Personality Quiz! I came up with 5 different play personalities, and your result will give you a specific “playlists” with suggestions to help you get in flow, lose track of time, and have fun. The more you know how you play, the easier it is to bring more joy to your days.

6. Question“When was the last time you lost track of time?” Think hard of when you are in flow and feeling joy…this is what we will share in the circle next week!

7. Animal Messenger: Our Week 3 animal is the EAGLE. The eagle symbolizes looking closely at the smallest details in life in order to get a broader perspective. Can you notice the smallest of things – the signs – and see how they might add up? It represents intuition, creativity, strength, courage, hope and vision. Have fun looking for eagles this week!



Birthday Party Exercise

Steps to Quiet the Ego


Play Personality Quiz



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