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Week 5

Productivity, Prioritization and Time Management


This week we focused on productivity, prioritization and time management. This is a week you can return to over and over again.

Check out this week’s presentation, video and playsheets. Here is some guidance:

1. Soul Care Chart: Please continue to track your data in all 4 areas as it’s important to recognize patterns. Focusing your attention can help you develop new habits, or break old patterns. It takes just a few weeks to create good habits or break bad ones so take advantage of this workshop! I want to help you stay aligned.

2. Soul Journey Chart: Please download the Soul Journey chart and print or save to your desktop. I encourage you to really spend time on this, and you will take this with you to edit and revise in the weeks and years to come. This can form the basis of our work in the future if you join my membership, and we will help keep you accountable. The instructions are on the chart itself and I invite you to write with an open mind and without judgment. This is your time to move forward!

3. Productivity Grids: Review the grids and diagrams I offer in the playsheet and choose at least one to motivate and inspire you this week. Post it on your wall so you can see it and be reminded, and please share it in the comments in the dashboard so we can help keep you accountable.

4. My 8 Tips to Activation: Print this play sheet and post it on your wall as a reminder to take action on the specific steps you define towards achieving your goal. Ask yourself which ones come easy to you and where you need more work. I will help you!

5. Quiz: I offer two quizzes again this week.

  • Your Soul Type: The knowledge of your Soul Type brings deeper self-awareness and self-acceptance, and understanding the Soul Types of others can foster healthier relationships. Derived by past life psychic Ainslie Macleod, you can take this free, online quiz. Are you a spiritualist, caregiver, helper, leader, creator? Whatever your belief in past lives or psychics are, this quiz is highly interesting!
  • Your Creative Type: Are you an artist, dreamer, innovator, adventurer, thinker? Are you a fortune cookie or a birthday cake? Is your secret weapon curiosity or endurance? Is your creative spark method, or madness? This is a super fun quiz and the link is in your dashboard. No surprise I’m an adventurer. What are you? Share with the group!

6. Questions: Based on your Soul Journey chart homework (above), you can bring to the group your answer to one of the following:

  • “What do you need to ditch, burn or let go of?”
  • “What did you circle as the top goal you want to create, or a big dream?”

7. Animal Messenger: Our Week 5 animal is the BEE. The bee symbolizes community, brightness and power. Bees love to work together, steadily and thoughtfully, until the task is complete. When a bee appears, it can be a reminder of your level of productivity. In some cases, we are doing too much. In others, not enough. Pausing and recovery are great ways to bring the bee into balance. Have fun looking for our bee this week! Please share in the comments!

Sending fierce love to each one of you!


Week 5 Presentation

Prioritization Axis Tool

Action Priority Tool

8 Steps to Activation

My Soul Type Quiz

My Creative Type Quiz



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