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Week 4

Finding Freedom, Adventure and Play


This week we focused on finding freedom, adventure and play. This is my favorite week!

Check out this week’s presentation, video and playsheets. Here is some guidance:

1. Soul Care Chart: Please continue to track your data in all 4 areas as it’s important to recognize patterns. Focusing your attention can help you develop new habits, or break old patterns. It takes just a few weeks to create good habits or break bad ones so take advantage of this workshop! I want to help you stay aligned.

2. Play Personalities: Now that you’ve taken the Play Quiz, review the list of 5 Play Personalities and (playfully) reflect on which ones define you most clearly. Now see the attached Playlists. In what ways do you incorporate these activities into your life? How can you add more play and adventure and FUN into your days?  Make your own Playlist! Then compare it to your “to-do” list. Are there any overlaps? Do you incorporate enough play into your days?

3. Define your “cages”: See the list of “cages” or self-limiting beliefs on the attached playsheet and rank them 0-5, 5 meaning it really speaks to you and it’s worth addressing…. In order to find more freedom (and joy), you will first need to define what is holding you back, and then which keys you can use to help set you free.

4. Freedom Keys: Review the list of 8 Freedom Keys and reflect on the primary ways you find your freedom (most of us have more than one, depending on what holds us back).  In your journal, brainstorm your answers to the following two questions: 1) Ways I am currently using this freedom key effectively, and 2) Ways in which I would like to use this freedom key to enhance my life. Remember this is our week on PLAY so have fun!

5. Quiz: I offer you two quizzes this week, links included.

  • The Four Tendencies: Are you a Questioner, Upholder, Obliger, or Rebel? This personality profile reveals your tendency and why you might act the ways you do. You can find the link in your dashboard and I listed the accompanying book in your resources section.
  • DiSC assessment: The DiSC model describes four main styles: D, i, S, and C. D is for Dominance, i is for Influence, S is for Steadiness, and C is for Conscientiousness. Everyone is a mixture of each style, but most people tend to fall into one or two main DiSC style quadrants. 

6. Question“What are you NOT doing right now that makes you happy?” Think hard about your answers and ask yourself how you can incorporate this love back into your life. This is what we will share in our circle time next week!

7. Animal Messenger: Our Week 4 animal is the FROG! The frog symbolizes transition and transformation, supporting us in times of change. Associated with the water element, it connects us with the process of cleansing – whether it’s physical, emotional, energetic or spiritual. Frogs tend to become overworked and undernourished and need to practice self-care (cleaning in the water and releasing). Sound familiar? Enjoy looking for your frog signs this week!



Week 4 Presentation

Freedom Keys

My Self-Limiting Beliefs & Freedom Keys

My Playlist vs. To-Do List

Play Personalities with Playlists

The Four Tendencies Quiz

DISC Personality Test



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