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Day 6

Dream Big


Today is all about DREAMING BIG.

We have one wild and precious life. Just one. We feel like have so much to do, and we tend to push the fun stuff until some other time in the future…a time that may never come. I encourage you use today as your chance to write your bucket list. These are the dreams you have for yourself that may seem too big, too frivolous or too far-fetched. I’m here to tell you that they’re not. If you want to climb a mountain, set the intention. If you want to run a race, sign up for it. If you want to learn a language or an instrument, start now. Squeeze the most out of your time on this planet… what are you waiting for? Have fun!

Here you will find the video and playsheet. This playsheet asks you to write down your dreams like a vision board or a bucket list. Then I want you to focus on one big dream, and just like yesterday, write down what it will take to make it reality.

I encourage you to take at least 15 minutes for this self-reflection practice. Try to find a quiet and calm space, just for you. Knowing yourself on a deeper level will be one of your greatest investments.

I can’t wait to see you on the LIVE call tomorrow! Check your email for details and this dashboard for the link.

Sending you fierce love, Alison


Day 6 Dream Big Playsheet


  • Sheryl

    Where do I find the video and playsheet

    Posted Jan 18th
    • Alison Qualter

      Hi Sheryl! I’m sorry it should work now… let me know if not! You can reach me personally at I hope you enjoy!! and I hope this works this time. 😉 Also hope to see you on Tuesday for the live call webinar! Alison

      Posted Jan 18th

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