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Day 5

Setting Goals


Goals are different than dreams. Dreams are your loftier ideas of where you might go in the future (and we’ll work on those tomorrow). Setting goals is how you get there. Goals require actionable steps, ones that you can focus on and achieve, like stepping stones to your dreams. In week 5 of Press Play on Life we review productivity and some concrete ways to achieve your goals. The key? Choose one, and move boldly towards it.

Here you will find the Day 5 video and playsheet. This playsheet asks you to think about accomplishing your stated goal in three ways.

First, you have to know your “why”…what is pulling you?  When you know your purpose, “how” to get there and “what” you’ll do once there will follow. Second, visualizing yourself having accomplished the goal allows you to see and feel where you want to be. Finally, writing down the actionable steps you can take towards achieving your goal helps you move forward with specificity and clarity.

I encourage you to take at least 15 minutes for this self-reflection practice. Try to find a quiet and calm space, just for you. Knowing yourself on a deeper level will be one of your greatest investments.
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Day 5 Setting Goals Play Sheet



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