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Day 4

Play & Pause


When we’re kids, playing is how we expand our minds, learn new things, and have fun. Yet somewhere along the way to adulthood, we stop playing. Why? If we know that play is where we access our deepest sense of joy and freedom from constraints, can we allow ourselves to enjoy more of that? Do you like to hike, garden, cook, play cards, jump on the trampoline, have a dance party? Whether it’s physical, intellectual, creative, competitive or exploratory, today I invite you to PLAY!

Today’s part two is equally important, I also invite you to put your busy life and never ending to-do list to the side in order to pause and reflect. It’s often in the pause that we gain clarity and find the answers we seek. Maybe today you can meditate, draw a bath, or go on a quiet walk by yourself. Or maybe you make the decision to take a personal day in the near future, or take some time off from your work,  your phone, or other obligations. No matter what you choose, pausing is essential to give yourself space to make meaningful changes.

Here you will find today’s video and playsheet. Don’t worry about filling this out today…you can write your activities later tonight (and please bring them to our Day 7 LIVE call!)  Now go have fun!



  • Alison Qualter

    Hi everyone! My play paersonality quiz will be launching in a few weeks… STAY TUNED!!!

    Posted Jan 16th
  • Alison Qualter

    Today I want you to just REST! Listen and then try to find moments of PAUSE in your day…and then I encourage you to PLAY. Do something you love to do, just for you, freedom from time and purpose. If you don’t prioritize your own joy, who will? Enjoy today…and please share how you play and pause on our live call on Tuesday! see you then xx

    Posted Jan 16th

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