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Day 3

Letting Go


It’s hard to say no, and it’s even harder to make concrete changes to the flow of your days or the course of your life. But if we’re feeling stuck, it’s a sign that something isn’t working and it’s time to let go – to lessen our mental load or release emotional energy holding us back. When we do this, we find renewed energy to make aligned choices and stand firmly in the most authentic version of ourselves.

Today’s work is not easy! I hope my video can help you separate the various ways you can let go of all the things no longer serving you.The playsheet asks you to think about letting go in three ways: shedding any ideas that take up space in your mind that you may never get to, letting go of tasks that you can share or delegate, and then hardest of all, freeing yourself from relationships or jobs that you know are not serving your highest good.


Day 3 Letting Go Play Sheet


  • Alison Qualter

    Hi everyone! Today is the hardest one for me and letting go can be emotional and painful. This is not something that can be done in a day. This video and playsheet is intended to shift even a small part of your thinking if you feel stuck (in a problem, in a job, in a relationship, or even in a mundane task). Can you reflect on what holds you back and what you might need to let go of? Then reach out and I promise I will work with you to help you write the next chapter.

    Posted Jan 15th

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