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Day 2



Our mindset is our approach to the world – how we take action towards our goals, how we view our relationships, and even the intensity with which we hold on to – or let go of – our worries. If we approach an opportunity with a fixed mindset, we think “I can’t,” or “what if I fail.”  If we approach the same opportunity with a growth mindset we think, “it’s worth trying,” and “why not?” All of us have self-limiting beliefs and it’s human to have them. What matters is the degree to which we choose to let these beliefs keep us from flying free.

Today’s video is all about shifting your mindset to one that sees growth and possibilities. What are your self-limiting beliefs? Is it fear of the unknown? Or of failure? Is it procrastination? Perfectionism? Self-doubt? (That’s always been mine).

What holds you back? On the playsheet you will name your self-limiting beliefs and see more clearly the obstacles that (I promise) you can overcome. We need to get out of our own way. I will help you!


Day 2 Mindset Play Sheet


  • Karri Bowen-Poole

    I am posting a day or two later but my mindset/ limitation is what will other people think of me. I realized that I play it safe both in my friendships, job and life worrying too much about what other people think rather than what I think and what I want to do. Recognizing this has given me the opportunity to focus on changing this belief which I am going to start to try and do starting today. Thank you Alison!

    Posted Jan 16th
    • Alison Qualter

      Karri, this is such great insight. I am happy you are already so aware of this… that first step is almost everything when we are seeking change. Keep me posted on this part of your journey… I can’t wait to support you. xx Alison

      Posted Jan 16th
  • Marc

    Challenging, this Day2 on Mindset… The play sheet forces you to think about things you might normally try to avoid…

    Posted Jan 14th
  • Bobby

    hi – great vid!

    Posted Jan 14th
  • Vanessa O'Malley O’Malley

    My self-limiting beliefs are the deadly combo of procrastination and perfectionism. If I can’t do something perfectly or at least with 100% focus, I will put it off (truly believing I will one day have time). So you can imagine how many projects are on my to-do list! I have the quote “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.” on my desk…to remind myself to just get started! I certainly can’t get anywhere near perfection if I don’t even begin. Thank you, this was a great reminder!

    Posted Jan 14th
    • Alison Qualter

      thank you for sharing this Vanessa!! It is so helpful for other people to see this too. Procrastination can lead to decision fatigue, which can make it difficult to move forward and get things done. Try instituting deadlines. Even if you end up procrastinating to the last minute, it’s in that last minute that a lot of things get done. That forcing function of time pressure can serve as a great motivator, provided it’s realistic and doesn’t bring about too much stress. Thank you for sharing!!

      Posted Jan 15th
  • Alison Qualter

    please share your thoughts here… I want to hear from you! let’s learn and grow together! I can’t wait to meet you.

    Posted Jan 14th

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