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Day 1



Welcome! I am thrilled you are here. Thank you for joining my 7-day Self-Discovery Challenge! I really hope you can take some time for you to self-reflect over the course of the coming week.

Gratitude is an important place to start our 7-day journey. It’s helpful to appreciate all the things we have in our lives right now…rather than focusing on what we lost, don’t have, or things we want. It’s not always easy! Appreciation is a lens we can choose to put on when we wake up each day. This lens helps us to cherish both big and small things that we sometimes too easily overlook.

Enjoy this video and don’t forget to download the Day 1 playsheet to make your big and small gratitude lists. This particular playsheet you can print and redo over again, anytime. You can use color and be creative. You can post it by your bedside as a reminder.
Today’s exercise can become a daily practice. Enjoy!



Day 1 Gratitude Play Sheet


  • Abby Stanfield

    Hi all! Loved working on my big and small grateful. There are so many and excited to add to the list daily!

    Posted Jan 14th
    • Alison Qualter

      thank you so much Abby!! I am thrilled that you are a part of this challenge! send me a note!

      Posted Jan 15th
  • Sun Yi

    Hi everyone

    Posted Jan 14th
  • Barb

    Happily put a small posted board on my fridge so i can add to my small things gratitude list all the time. 🙂

    Posted Jan 14th
    • Alison Qualter

      Barb this is great, I love hearing this!! join me on the live call and please share more… or send me a note! I’m happy you are doing this challenge.

      Posted Jan 15th
  • Alison Qualter

    Hello everyone!

    Posted Jan 14th

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