what does making dinner have to do with yoga?

Have you ever cooked dinner for your kids or partner and wondered what I was thinking last night?

It goes something like this:

  •  About an hour of chopping and cooking and preparing (and I’m not including the trip to the food store and then the walk home with 6 bags in 2 arms, even though I still love living in New York City!!).

  • The kids eat that same meal in 6-7 minutes.


Aside from wanting a longer dinner time with them to teach table manners and soak up all that valuable conversation that goes on at the table, my favorite spot in our home, I still can’t get past the ratio of time it takes to get a meal on the table in proportion to the rapid consumption of it.

It reminded me of the time lapse yoga video I did in my beloved Costa Rica last month.

The video is only 29 seconds long but it took 28 minutes to make.

Sometimes we put in SO MUCH effort and the ultimate output or reward just quickly slips by?

Like the intense effort into something that has invisible benefits (like marketing! or parenting!)

And maybe the rapidity of the time lapse is a reminder to focus on the process, not just the product.

That the journey itself is as important as the destination.

It’s like when I tell my kids that the effort they put into studying is as impotent as their grade.

So there. I will remember to pull up this email the next time I’m making dinner to remind myself that the passing of time is relative.

And that what matters is the love you put into something – into everything – you do.

Send me your own similar time lapse story, I love hearing from you!!

With fierce love,
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