we were in tears today

I just got off a call with 20 women from all over the country and 5 of them ended up in tears.

What was the trigger?


How could the concept of play make someone cry, you ask?

Because all too often we are told NOT to play. Most of us are told this as adults, but unfortunately, some of us were told to stay quiet and stay small as children.

Or to stay in our “place” as the oldest child. 

Or to get “serious and mature” qualities many adults seem to expect of kids.

And even if you had a playful childhood (my strongest memories are building play houses in the woods with my sisters), my guess is that still, somewhere along the way to adulthood, someone told you to grow up.

Or you just felt like it was time to show up in the world and play the part.

Adults don’t dive into play with reckless abandon, right?


Play is essential – for kids and adults.

Over the years in my work, I have found that people crave play.

More than desiring the feeling of joy that play provides, we NEED play too.

It’s good for brain health (I can show you the studies), it’s good for boosting your mood (which helps everyone around you), and it’s good for your SOUL.

And yet, we don’t prioritize it. We make “to do” lists that focus on tasks (some of them exciting, others mundane), or our obligations (some of them necessary, others we should delegate).

And rarely do we think we can add PLAY to the lists.

But if you know that doing what you love and having fun at least one small moment a day could help you discover a deeper sense of joy, would you do it?

Would you call a friend and go for a long walk just because moving is part of your play persona? 

Or would you book that pandemic-safe trip you’ve been longing to take?

Or would you carve out time for a creative project like drawing or crafts just because you miss it?

What would you tell your best friend or your kids? Wouldn’t you safeguard their moments of joy? Can you do that for yourself?

The good news is that it’s never too late. 

Is it day one or one day?? Close this email and plan something fun!

With fierce love,
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