the power of music

Do you know the difference between a viola and a violin?

Exactly. Neither did I.

But my older sister Karen was already playing the violin, so in 4th grade, I chose to play the viola.

Plus, it uses the alto clef and I like a good challenge.

I also like music.

A lot.

While singing is something I should stick to doing only in the shower, I grew up playing instruments.

Piano with my dad, flute in the marching band (yes), and of course the good ol’ viola.

Whether you play an instrument, sing in the shower or like a good dance party, music can shift your energy…almost instantly.

That’s pretty powerful.

I also ran a children’s music program for 14 years called songs for seeds with my beloved partners Allison, Bobby and Craig.

When Allison and I sat in a Starbucks 14 years ago (because it was the only kid-free place we could find), we dreamed up a class that would use music as a tool to teach children shapes, colors, numbers, counting, animal sounds and more.

Underneath all the shapes and sounds however, real learning was taking place: phonetics, mathematical thinking, and so many other critical milestones for the mind.

As we created, it never occurred to us that we might not have instruments to run these classes.

This is something too easy to take for granted.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because I was just made aware of a school in need of a music program where there currently is none.

You may remember from an earlier email that my daughter Sydney spent part of her summer at The Island School in The Bahamas.

To say that it changed her in the most positive ways is an understatement.

The Island School offers transformative educational experiences, not only for high school sophomores and juniors from around the world, but also for younger students to learn outside the walls of a classroom.

Programs include the Early Learning Center (ELC), a unique multi-age classroom for children aged 3–10 years old and Deep Creek Middle School (DCMS) located in Deep Creek, Eleuthera.

These are vibrant schools that emphasize an experiential place-based approach towards learning, and part of the weekly curriculum is a music program.

Their goal is to buy percussion instruments to help the kids learn and understand rhythm, and a set of ukuleles to help them learn pitch and music theory.

When Sydney told me that they are raising money to support the music program for kids in need, it struck a chord in me (pun intended).

I want to help her fund the music program. I invite you to either donate (only if you can), or forward this to someone who might be interested…or just click here to simply learn more.

I want to help my girl make a tangible difference in the life of a small community.

I also never want to push people to donate (we all have our favorite causes), but I like connecting generous people with a worthy organization in need of support.

And I believe in music.

Especially when it’s in the alto clef.

With fierce love,

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