the hot & cold game

Last night on my monthly membership call, one of my friends reminded me of a game I used to play as a kid.

It’s called “hot and cold.”

Well my friend called it “discernment,” but hot and cold really sums it up.

You’ve probably played it. It’s a game like hide and seek, but for an object.

You basically tell (shout) how cold (far) or hot (close) the other person is to whatever it is you want them to find.

I used to play this with my son Jack to find something he’d hide from me.

It was usually his toothbrush so he could avoid going to bed.

“Mommy, you’re sooooo cold you might as well go into the freezer.”

Or sometimes when my sleuth skills were on, he’d say, “You’re burning up!!! You’re on fire!”

Inevitably, moving towards the fire was how I won the game, found the toothbrush, and got him into bed (late, but giggling).

When my friend reminded me of the game, it made me think about finding PLAY (or joy, or fulfillment, or insert whatever emotion playfulness brings you).

It helps me explain what I try to write to you each week.

Of course, I always encourage you to “gameify” as many parts of your life as possible to lighten up all that seriousness.

We get one life, remember?

But I think this game in particular is an example of how hard it can be to find what is it you’re looking for…without guidance.

Or at least clues.

And also how you really need to tune in and pay attention.

In a game, it’s fun and made easier with hints and clues. But in life, it’s much harder to do on your own.

Stopping to remember what you are doing when you lose track of time is hard enough.

Actually making the time to do more of that is even harder.

When you’re “cold,” or far away, it can be lonely in that freezer.

You’ll know when you’re getting close since a little spark inside of you will light up and you may even find yourself screaming with excitement like Jack.

Are you getting hot? Or warmer at least?

Are you clear about what lights you up? How you play? What makes you feel positive, even free?

Hit reply to email to share with me how you play…or let me know if you need clues!!

With fierce love,

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