sunday night blues

I was once an NBC News producer and one of my Dateline stories was called “Sunday Night Blues.”

In short, it was about this group of people that didn’t know one another but got together every Sunday evening in NYC.

I still have no idea how they found each other since this was the mid 90s meaning no social media or all of the bells and whistles that connect us in today’s times. 😉

They’d meet at this Mexican restaurant on East 34th street to share guacamole, sometimes tequila, and talk about anything and everything.

It was a mixed group of people from all types of careers and various ages. What bound them together was their admitted case of Sunday night blues.

As I interviewed each group member for my Dateline story, I remember a common theme they shared, one that is worth repeating here.

They were all generally positive people.

But by the time Sunday evenings rolled around, they began to feel anxious about what they didn’t get done the week, and stressed about the week ahead. This usually showed up on Sunday nights as negative energy.

As you and I both know, negative energy affects your sleep, your productivity, your creativity, and everyone around you.

I thought their intentions were pretty cool at the time, but now that I’ve studied energy more academically over the years, I really think they were onto something.

You see, you get to choose how you spend your time…and your energy.

You get to anticipate down moments in your day or week, whether they come from a particular person or a task you can’t stand, and then address or even change that situation.

What drags you down? What keeps you up at night? What is at the root of your worries?

Getting to the core of this means becoming aware of exactly when your energy becomes negative but also, and perhaps more importantly, why.

Once you know why, you can change it.

To help my clients understand their energy shifts and make changes, I use an energy Self-Assessment Tool that really works. You can check it out here.

Sometimes after a client debrief, I’m still surprised by how this assessment can capture a person’s energy makeup so well – describing how they show up on a good day, and then exactly where their energy moves to under stress.

I would love to help you understand your own energy and help you make changes where you need.

How does it work?

The online test takes about 20 minutes (you can do it anytime) and once I receive your results, we will book our 90-minute virtual debrief.

During our session, I will coach you on your unique energetic makeup, what happens when you are triggered, and maybe most compelling, your precise levels of satisfaction in 11 specific areas of your life.

Once you have a clear picture, you can adjust and reframe and make more informed decisions.

You can also avoid a case of the Any-Night-of-the-Week Blues. With or without the guac and tequila.

With fierce love,

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