new year, new intentions

I like to think that every single day of the year is a chance to reframe, an opportunity to reset intentions, and start anew.

Yet the enthusiasm of the new year brings me energy that no other time of the year brings. Maybe it’s because I’m still channeling the fruitful darkness of the winter solstice and the rare chance I take to go inward and listen to what I need.

It’s also my birthday week so I’m forced to reckon with the passing of time (I’m coming up on 5 decades soon, ahem).

Regardless of why, every January I find renewed motivation and a stronger than usual desire to reset my intentions.

In fact, my kids have gotten into the habit too. After years of wrangling, I think they now enjoy the forced reflection time. At some point on Dec 31, we sit quietly and write. Last week took only 20 minutes, but man do I savor those seconds with them.

What they write is not groundbreaking. Go to bed earlier. Spend less time on social media. Try more random acts of kindness in NYC. Don’t wait until the last minute for homework. Play more with my brother.

Call them what you will but these healthy resets are also a reminder of their values, the ones that help them find their ground (so important for kids!!)

So I invite you to also join me this week – for 20 minutes – to reflect and reset.

I was reading Gretchen Rubin who wrote that 30% of the people she polled felt that January 1st is an arbitrary date. I get that. All dates are arbitrary, philosophically speaking.

Then I looked up “resolution” and was thrown by the words “firm decision.”

No wonder so many people don’t bother making resolutions! Who wants to feel firmly resolved to something that might change in an instant, like the world so powerfully displayed in these last two years?

Who can remember what they said on January 1st in the middle of March?

I can barely remember what I did last week. I’m not kidding.

So I dug deeper.

I looked up goals (our future plans) and intentions (our present focus) and found these overlapping synonyms: PURPOSE & DETERMINATION.

What if instead you use the New Year to reflect on your purpose.

And then assess how determined are you to go, walk, run, even fly to that purpose as we all make yet another trip around the sun?

Can it even be one word you’ll hold onto for 2022?

Maybe that orbiting sun can remind you not just to reflect on your purposeful determination, but also the passing of time.

You get one shot at life!! Remember that! And this world spins madly on, no matter what we do!

So grab it by the reins.

Are you playing enough in the seriousness of adulthood?

Are you fulfilled?

Do you need to find clarity in your purpose?

Do you remember that you have the power to make choices that will allow you to feel the way YOU want to feel, not some archetype that’s been ascribed to you?

Are you having fun yet?

It helps to first reflect on the gift you have already been given. I don’t mean your money, accolades, relationships, or even those sweet shoes you got for the holidays.

I mean your beating heart.

And your ever-evolving purpose.

Remember I’m right by your side and can help you reframe and reset. Anytime. Just reach out!

With fierce love,
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