my daughter’s solo venture

Can you remember the last time you didn’t have to answer to anyone for 48 hours?

My 16-year-old daughter is about to spend 48 hours on a solo camping expedition on the shores of the Bahamas.

And I’m nervous and envious at the very same time.

I’m nervous because she’s my BABY. Well, technically, she’s 16, a twin and not my youngest, but I tell them they are ALL my babies.

Somehow they grew up faster than I imagined, and as much as I want them to fly free, when they actually do, it feels like a piece of my heart goes with them.

My daughter Maddie and I dropped Sydney at the Island School yesterday. It’s focused on environmentalism, sustainable systems and all the things we weren’t even aware of when I was 16 (Imagine that we didn’t recycle growing up. And we let the water run when we brushed our teeth. We also sat in the back of station wagons flying around without seatbelts on, but that’s another post…)

When you step onto the Island School campus, it’s clear that this generation of youth is determined to make the changes our planet needs. And this is exactly why she wanted to go.

But she also wanted to gain independence, to experience life outside of a major city, and to see if she could manage day after day without her beloved twin by her side. She didn’t want their sister separation to feel as brutal when they leave for college in a couple of years so this is their “30-day trial.”

I know it’s what they need since they do just about everything together, but man it’s HARD. I could cry just typing this!

As if that is not enough, adding a layer to her gaining of independence, Sydney will do a 48-hour solo expedition on the Bahamian shores. Yes, SOLO.

I can’t remember the last time I was solo for 48 minutes, let alone two days.

And that’s where my envy comes in! How incredible to sit with your own mind!! Nothing digital to distract you, it’s only you, a tent and a journal. Hopefully some food.

Imagine! Imagine what we can learn about ourselves when we stop the noise around us, slow down the pace and simply pause. Tune in. Get quiet and listen to the soul.

To experience this as a teenager is a gift. It’s been giving me ideas to challenge some of my clients with this same concept —a day of solitude, a digital detox, and more.

Imagine what we could discover? It’s scary to face some truths…trust me, I know. But it’s entirely freeing to tap into the soul pull. It leads you to purpose, meaning, authenticity.

Staying busy, digitally distracted and in the frenzy is one option. But it’s the easy one. It might be fun to jump off the treadmill for a moment and see where you mind and soul connect.

Actually, why don’t you reach out to me if you’re interested in a challenge like this — to sit with your mind, digitally detox and re-discover parts of yourself.

I can help you craft something fun.

In the meantime, I’ll be counting the days until my baby is in my arms again…transformed, independent, and all grown up.

With fierce love,
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