spring has finally sprung

This past weekend marked the first day of Spring.

How about a collective, FINALLY!!!

Holy smokes, I can even feel the “finally” feeling in the air in NYC, watching people almost float past me as they walk, faces glowing under masks, screaming a collective: “Did somebody say brighter days? BRING IT ON.”

The warmth of the sun. Flowers emerging from the surface of the earth. Birds suddenly chirping.

The higher vibration that comes with the change in seasons is an energy reminding us that everything is changing. Always.

Slowly or quickly, change is always underway and we are always in motion.

This is why feeling stuck doesn’t feel so good.

This is why we can’t quite wrap our heads around the passing of time.

This is why it’s good to harness the natural energy of change and soak up Spring’s arrival.

I spent Spring’s first morning practicing yoga with my beloved teacher Victor, a small group of us dancing in between our poses, absorbing the feeling of community after so long, even 6 feet apart, on a pier jutting out along NYC’s Hudson River.

Pier 45 isn’t just any pier. Now gentrified, holding salsa classes and sunset concerts, this area of land off Christopher Street along the Greenwich Village waterfront has been a destination for the LGBTQ community for over a century.

I paid homage to the safe haven and freedom the people felt – and still feel – when they gather here.

Every time I stood up in a warrior pose facing south, the Freedom Tower stood strongly in front of us, its very name reminding me of what each of us craves…and deserves.


Getting unstuck feels similar to finding freedom.

And the renewal and rebirth that Spring carries with it is a chance to get unstuck.

It begins with shifting your mindset on what brings you joy, how you play, where you get into flow, and find moments of freedom.

You have the power to choose your own happiness. Use this time of Spring’s arrival to pause and make the difference you were born to make.


With fierce love,
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