love is the answer to everything

I am still on a high!

I had my February Soul Inversion Membership group call last night and (given St. Valentine’s/Galentine’s/Friendship Day this month) the theme was love, specifically self-love.

Ah, self-love. How complicated.

For me, it used to bring up secondary words like self-absorbed, or egotistical, even narcissistic.

I used to cower at the idea of “loving myself” as if self-love were this thing that would build me up at the expense of others and unnecessarily make me – and the people around me – less comfortable.

The very words would remind me of some guy I knew in my 20s. Despite having met him 4 or 5 times, he couldn’t seem to remember meeting me every time we ran into each other because he was sooooo important…

THAT’s what I used to think of any word that had “self” in front of it. 

A giver doesn’t focus on themselves! 

But ah! How much I needed to learn!

It took me many years to learn that self-love is the most courageous act of all, it’s the most honest space of truth, and it’s LOVE itself.

How could I love another until I loved myself, inside and out?

What do I love about myself?

I love how I quickly find the positive – in situations and in people. 

So what do YOU love about yourself? What are your gifts? What would not change about yourself?

You can start with these prompts:

I love how I…

I love seeing this part of me when I look in the mirror…

I love how people always come to me for this…

The part of myself I would never change is…

If these are too hard to answer, ask them again and answer in the 3rd person, as if you are observing your ROCKIN’ incredible self.

You can also talk to your future self.

Or what if you wrote a letter to your childhood self and told him or her all the things you love about them?

Writing with compassion to a younger version of myself worked best for me.

If you re-frame self-love as self-acceptance, self-awareness or self-care, does it change things for you?

I invite you to try it!!

Message me and I can help you.

Remember this: Love is usually the answer, and love ALWAYS wins!

With fierce love,
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