in the wise words of the subway vending machine

There I was, refilling my metro card in one of the least inspirational locations in NYC (the subway station) when BOOM, the universe spoke to me through the vending machine with a hard-hitting question:

What would you like to add: value or time?

I added enough money to get me home, pulled out my little piece of yellow plastic with a newly-loaded $5 on it, and pondered the question further while I waited for my train to arrive.

Which would I add?

On the one hand, having a longer life would be great. I don’t particularly fear getting old, and a longer life would ensure that I could get everything done on my bucket list.

In fact, I’d probably add more ideas to it.

But would I still live with the urgency and the itch to make the most of my life if I KNEW I had guaranteed more time?

I guess we as humans can technically “add time” through diet and exercise, but still, no matter how gluten-free or marathon-running you are, time on this earth is never a sure thing.

On the other hand, adding value is a huge concept.

What would that even look like for me? Specifically?

  • More time with my kids

  • More hours on the yoga mat

  • More mystery trips with my best friend

  • More volunteering

  • More good wine

  • Lots and lots of grand babies! (I know I know, my oldest kids are only 16, but never too early to start hoping!)

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I’m already doing my best to live the “add value” option.

Do you?

Is your life active or passive?

Who’s in the driver’s seat of YOUR vehicle?


Stop waiting, because we’re not getting any younger. (Unless you’ve gotten the whole Benjamin Button thing figured out, in which case PLEASE respond to this email and let me know how you’ve defied science).

It’s a conscious choice to make the most of your life, and when I came to that realization, it changed everything for me.

My unexpected, subway platform, sign from the universe reminded me of my favorite quotes by poet Mary Oliver, which is the exact philosophy around my work:

So which would you choose?

With fierce love,
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