i’m a published author!

Do you need a subtle shift? Or a major shift? I get it. Oh man, I need a major one.

It’s the new year tomorrow…and the last one was a wild one.

So, it’s the right time to shift! And I am here to help you.

Why? Because I co-authored a book AND IT LAUNCHES TODAY! You can grab the online version here!

Sacred Spaces: Subtle Shifts for Mind, Body, and Home Transformation is written by a group of some pretty badass and powerful writers, coaches, practitioners and healers. We were led by the fearless Colleen Avis who brought us all together, and the book is FULL of wisdom.

Each chapter offers its own slice of goodness.

Imagine finding all in one place a bit on wellness, breath work, shadow work, crystal healing, and the power of plant-based living.

Each writer includes a personal STORY, and then a concrete TOOL to take what you learn into real action.

Transformative action.

I wrote the chapter on…guess what…play!

Because by now you know that play is the missing ingredient in our overall self-care. It’s the antidote to the serious business of life and it’s far from frivolous.

You know another reason I love this book aside from the healing power it promises?

Its wisdom is distilled into short nuggets of wellness that you can pick and choose in small doses.

Perfect for a busy life. I think you will enjoy it.

And please know that I appreciate you.

Always and more, each time I write.

With fierce love,
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