i can’t get this word out of my head

So here’s the deal. For the last few weeks, I keep trying to become “uninterruptible.”

I can’t stop thinking about this word ever since I heard it from Gabby Bernstein in one of the modules of her book writing e-course.

She said something like this: one of the most important things you can do to truly focus and write your book is to become uninterruptible.

I love this course, but this word? It won’t escape my mind!

What does it mean??

With 3 kids out of camps and routines, a family in summer mode, and a business I need to keep alive… how can I possibly write a book if I am alwaysinterruptible?!

Case in point – I started this email three days ago, wrote it in fits and starts, and then finished it sitting on the floor of a closet in a rental house that we were visiting.

I justify the freneticism because this is part of being a parent, and my kids’ happiness is always the priority. I wouldn’t change this for a second.

Even if it means I lose my mind on occasion, or get leg cramps from writing in closets.

But do you ever feel this way too, Alison?

Scattered from the lack of routine that summer often brings, and worried about the uncertainty of what is ahead this fall?

If you do, maybe this suggestion I recently came to can help.

Fingers crossed that children will be back in school full time in September and beyond.

And to all of the working parents out there who lost weight, hope, and part of their mind trying to juggle a full time job on Zoom with a young child in school on Zoom, I will honor you until the end of time.

It ain’t easy. You’ve been anything but uninterruptible.

Whether you are writing a book, reviewing a document, sending an email or trying to go to the bathroom, you made it work.

And you, we, survived!

So think ahead. The first day of school will lead to 5 full days of school per week.

Not only is this the best routine and sense of normalcy for all of our children, there will be plenty of uninterruptible time ahead.

When I hold that perspective, it helps me become a little more joyful. I will miss these moments with my kids, even if the moments are constantly interruptible.

So I just pushed some of my writing deadlines knowing there are many uninterruptible moments ahead and I just won’t get this present time back.

You won’t either.

So soak up those kids, they are off to school soon.

And then, I promise, when they in school all day, or off with their friends, you might even ask them to interrupt you!!

With fierce love,

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