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I just got off the phone with my good friend Michael. I’ve known Michael for 20 years – he’s deeply kind, easygoing, and a master of wellness. He supports countless friends, deriving joy by helping others flourish.

He told me that his good friend Jeff died yesterday at 57 years old, and he was gutted. After we got off, I began to absorb a life lesson from his words and I wanted to share it with you.

He said he had been thinking about his friend a lot lately, but he didn’t always grab the phone to call or text him. And now, in this void, and in the pain of missing him, he can’t.

That feeling can be impossible to hold.

And we all know it can be hard to turn our thoughts into actions.

I started to think about communicating regularly with the people we love because it’s all too easy to get lost in our busy days, and forget the brevity of life.

And that our lives are not linear. Anything can happen. Any day.

It triggered a feeling I’ve been holding for a couple of weeks now…

My dad had a bad fall recently, his 10th one in the course of a few months. While he’s almost 90, he’s forever young in my mind.

I’ve been at the Jersey shore for a couple of weeks to be near my extended family and enjoy some time at my beloved beach. But when I saw him after that fall, I made a silent promise that I would see my parents every day while I was living so nearby this month, and then call them as much as possible when I’m not.

Some days feel just too busy because of work and kids and the things we shove into our schedules.

But I also know we can’t rewind time.

So when I forget, I’m grateful to be reminded.

Michael reminded me on our call today, so I’m reminding you!

Is there someone you think about, but haven’t spoken to in a while?

Is there a person you assume knows you love them but would benefit from you telling them?

Say it then!

Send them a text or write a good old-fashioned letter right now.

Or better yet, pick up the phone and tell them with words. Now!

My dad used to call these people your “golf balls.”

You know that story about the philosophy professor with a large empty jar? If you first fill up your jar with sand (the small stuff) and pebbles (the stuff that comes and goes), then you’ll have no room for the golf balls (the important stuff).

So stop reading and go call your golf ball!

With fierce love,

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