are you stuck in a “comfortable rut?”

It’s like I’m stuck in a ‘comfortable rut.’

This is what I heard from two women in my workshop on Monday evening, and it struck me… that was once ME!

About 8 years ago, I was living my dream as a mother of three kids and the founder of a successful business in New York City.

But my dream life was also incredibly demanding.

Every morning was a rush to feed, dress, and get the kids off to school in the nick of time. At work, I’d perform at full-throttle, barely even taking a second to eat lunch at my desk.

The evenings involved shuttling the kids to sports and music lessons, hours helping with homework, and then tackling the dinner, bath, and bed routine.

When it was finally time for me, I only had enough energy left to pour myself a glass of wine, do MORE work, and fall asleep (sometimes at my computer). While I wouldn’t have traded any of those moments devoted to my family and business, I constantly felt like I was on a hamster wheel.

And I was exhausted.

Then, as a present for my 40th birthday, my husband surprised me with a week-long yoga retreat at the beach.

And it changed my life.

One night during the retreat, on the eve of my actual birthday, I woke up at 3am in a panic. I thought to myself:

“I love my life! I am successful in business and fulfilled by motherhood! So why do I feel like something is missing?”

What happened to ME? When was the last time I worked out and felt good about my body? Why was I no longer traveling to places that inspired me? What happened to my joyful mojo, the hidden adventurer inside of me?

So I grabbed a pen and wrote—just like Hamilton—like I was running out of time.

I WAS running out of time!

I frantically scribbled out the most adventurous, athletic, wildest “bucket list” I could think of:

  • Climb Mount Killimanjaro

  • Run across the Grand Canyon

  • Get back to playing piano again

  • Learn how to play chess (well)

  • Live in Italy one day

  • Speak French fluently

The moment I PAUSED and took time for MYSELF, my mind remembered exactly what makes ME happy.

Still, the voice inside my head said:

How will I find the time to travel for these challenges, let alone train for them? Where am I going to get the confidence and motivation to accomplish these feats? How will I get over the guilt of doing something just for me?

But I wrote it all down as it poured out of me, and I resolved to at least try.

And so, I went on a journey to give myself permission to train in between the responsibilities of kids and work, to plan in between meetings and school drop-offs, to allow myself the space and time to do the things I loved, for ME.

To be ME.

And guess what happened?

I checked off every single crazy, wild idea on that list!

You can too.

You can set your intentions, and then your attention to those things will help you activate them.

You can manifest your desires.

You can enjoy this one life more and do the things that YOU love.

With fierce love,

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