animal messenger: lamb

As you know, my clients, members, friends and I look for an animal messenger each month.

We have fun finding them, sharing them, and reminding ourselves about this important message: the brain cannot find what it’s not looking for.

It’s a reminder that you need to be clear about what you want in your life.

And how you can’t actually find something if you aren’t looking for it with clarity and dare I say…a little playfulness?

It’s also a reminder of the signs and synchronicity that surround you if you just tap in.

I usually choose the animal because of something I see that stands out, or because I want to inspire you with its specific meaning.

Typically, I choose for us to look for is something commonly seen – like a horse, a dolphin, or a type of bird.

I keep seeing January’s tiger well into March, but I think that’s because I dedicated 2022 to the word FIERCE.

Whenever I feel overwhelmed and want it all to stop, or when I shy away from writing in fear of how it’s going to be received, my tiger reminds me to stay fierce and keep going.

So what did I choose this month? The lamb!

Why a cute little lamb?

Because when I was not as cute and little, I remember hearing the expression, “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.”

I think it’s supposed to relate to the weather, but since I had my twin girls on March 31st, 17 years ago, I took the phrase and gave it new meaning.

I bought Maddie and Sydney lamb stuffed animals, lamb blankets, and focused on the fact that while my life was turned upside down after having twins in a very un-lamb like way, their presence in my life shifted me to a sense of purity, patience, and humility. These are all qualities of the lamb.

Lambs also represent gentleness and forgiveness.

On the same day I told my colleague Madigan that we were going to choose the lamb for March, I saw a sea of them. Where? In church, staying true to my Italian family’s tradition while getting our ashes on Ash Wednesday.

Now while it’s not uncommon to see lambs in church, I had never really noticed them before.

I swear when you decide that you want to find something, anything, it shows up.

I encourage you to get clear about what it is you want (this can be an idea, concept, or even a person) and my bet is you will find it.

Trust the process. Stay open. And most importantly make it playful!

In the meantime, send me photos of your lambs! You can reply to this email or send me a DM.

With fierce love,

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