animal messenger: horse

Welcome to a new month, which means welcome to a new spirit animal!

If you’ve been following along, you know that last month we were looking for frogs. And I can’t believe some of the sightings you guys sent me!

In yards, in the bakery, even roaming the streets of Soho.

Thank you for sharing your pictures – I love to see them!

But with September comes a new spirit animal.

So this month I want you to be on the lookout for…


The horse spirit animal embodies beauty, valor and freedom.

Horses are wild. They motivate us to move forward, succeed in our ventures, and become the best versions of ourselves we can become.

Horses are powerful animals, so when you see one this month, I want it to remind you that you have the determination and willpower to get through anything in your life.

Harness their power to break out of your rut or the repeated cycles holding you back!

Keep sending me your spirit animal sightings. I love to see them.

Remember, the animals have always been there, but now you are living consciously and noticing them.

Happy searching!

With fierce love,

p.s. Unicorns count too 😉

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