animal messenger: frog

Happy August! (how is it August…)

If you remember from one of my emails last month, I invited you to help me find July’s spirit animal – the dolphin.

Over the years, I’ve noticed that one of the most playful parts of my 6-week workshops is searching for the designated “animal messenger.” I have folders of photos from clients over the years…it’s so much fun that I wanted to share it with you.

My intentions?

First, I want to invite more play into your days. Maybe you’ll embrace your inner child and play a silent “I spy” game.

Second, I want to remind you of the power of synchronicity and this very important lesson: the brain cannot find what it’s not looking for.

When you are clear about what you want, what you are searching for…it will manifest.

Third, I want to help you come into the present in as many moments as possible.

(I’ll be doing a “centering challenge” later in the fall in response to clients who have a hard time meditating…umm….just about everyone. But for now, these animals can help you get jolted into conscious awareness, small reminders that add up to a gift.)

So join me in the search!

You don’t have to see the animal in “real life” but man it’s fun when you do.

Case in point: July’s animal was the dolphin and not only did I see dolphins in an email, I saw real dolphins in the Atlantic Ocean…twice. I admit I was lost in my phone one afternoon and when I finally looked up, there they were swimming playfully in front of me.

My reminder to come into awareness, get perspective and appreciate.

On the last day of July I found one in the mostly unlikely place – driving by a mailbox!

Trust me, you’ll find one.

So I invite you to join me in finding August’s animal spirit, which is…the FROG!

The frog teaches us about transformation, and when they appear in our lives, they are a symbol of cleansing and renewal.

Frogs cannot exist in a toxic environment, so if you see one this month, let it be a reminder to eject negativity from your life.

They are also a reminder to embrace change and grow through it – remember they start as tadpoles and grow into entirely new creatures.

And, of course, all that hopping HAS to remind you to play…

So when you see a frog this month, reply to this email and let me know!

With fierce love,

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