animal messenger: dolphin

Have you ever noticed that it’s nearly impossible to get a good night’s sleep pretty much anywhere but your own bed?

I did a little research, and apparently we “sleep like dolphins” when we’re trying to catch some Z’s in a new environment, like hotels or a friend’s house.

When dolphins sleep, one eye closes and another stays open. That’s because only half of their brain falls asleep, while the other stays awake to watch out for predators and remember to come up to the surface for air.

Dolphins never reach an unaware, unconscious state of sleep the way that humans do because they have to be on alert.

Exhausting, right??

So why am I telling you this?

Because this month, the animal messenger in my monthly membership program is the dolphin.

We focus on a new animal each month depending on the theme, and finding them all month long, in the most unlikely places (think t-shirts, window displays, in real life) is everyone’s favorite part.

In addition to reminding us to play – my favorite subject! – the dolphin animal messenger symbolizes breathing and being in the present moment.

So next time you see a dolphin, I want you to take a big breath in, exhale it out, and remember that you have exactly ONE LIFE.

Are you making every breath count?

For the rest of July, I encourage you to embrace your inner dolphin!

Except for when you’re sleeping. Then you should definitely be a human.

With fierce love,

P.S. I want to see your dolphin sightings!! Not just the real ones – pictures count too! Either email me or tag me on Facebook or Instagram. The animal messengers are already in your life, you just have to come into conscious awareness and pay attention!
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