animal messenger: bee

I once sat on a bee.

I was playing with my sister Jill in our NJ backyard, doing a pretty awesome reenactment of the Magic Garden (a favorite show of mine on PBS, right after Sesame Street).

She sat on the red swing, I sat down on the white one, and bam!

I got stung exactly where you don’t wanna be stung.

Since that fateful day, I’ve developed a more comfortable relationship with bees, largely thanks to my middle school science project on why they are so important.

There are over 4000 species of bees, and they’re the ones working hard to pollinate all the fruit, vegetables, and nuts we eat.

It’s easy to forget that their health affects our health (think food security and agricultural food chains).

Why am I sharing this randomness with you?

Because, despite getting stung in my you know where as a child, I now love bees.

So much so that I decided to choose the BEE as our Animal Messenger this month.

Remember our game? You can search for our monthly animals anywhere. On a shirt, on a website, or in real life (though please don’t get stung).

As soon I told my members about the bee on our monthly call last week, I saw this guy staring down at me the very next day:


The signs are everywhere, you’ll see.

All you have to do is TUNE IN.

Pay attention.

Pull away from the constant distractions and get present in your search.

Keep your eyes open for whatever it is you are looking for and I promise, it will arrive (animal or not).

My monthly animals always comes with a message, too.

It’s a way for you to think deeper about meaning, or to motivate and inspire you.

The bee represents productivity.

For centuries, bees (especially honey bees) have been known to symbolize industry and promote fertility.

Bees are also a symbol of good luck which is why charms or coins of honey bees are carried as attractors of prosperity and wealth.

Who doesn’t want that??

This September, which I call the “other January,” let’s make a New Year’s resolution to embody the bee and be more productive (oh man, here goes…my least favorite words…summer’s over).

See if you can take action on that project spinning in your head. Or at least shift into a mode that trusts you can start it this month, or maybe even get it done.

I’ll be here in NYC doing a bee dance so I can attract more prosperity and wealth, but you can bet I won’t be sitting down, at least not on a bee.

With fierce love,

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