animal messenger: bear

I write from JFK airport on the second day of this second month of the 22nd year.

That’s 2/2/22 for those of you who are into synchronicity. 😉

And it’s the Lunar New Year… the Year of the Tiger! I did not know this when I offered the tiger as our January animal messenger.

What’s amazing is that every time I have a moment of synchronicity, like finding a tiger almost daily (!?) for this entire month, I have two opposing emotions at the exact same time.

One is shock and awe. Like “What the F?? How am I seeing a tiger on the cover of a magazine at CVS called Tigers?”

Or “wait, my friend’s son just came home with a tiger tattoo?”

Or “did my son have to pick the shirt with the tiger when we were thrift shopping on his cousin’s birthday?”

I mean, you can’t make it up.

But the other emotion I feel is this: OF COURSE.

Of course a tiger is on the bag of the guy in front of me on 7th avenue.

Of course I walk past Tiger Schulman’s karate studio on a street I didn’t mean to turn on to get home.

Of course my members have all seen tigers, constantly, as we share in our disbelief, knowing underneath that it’s all meant to be.

That’s the beauty of the search.

We can only find what we are looking for.

Our energy goes to what we pay attention to, and this feeds our intentions.

So as we do these monthly searches, I not only want you to share them with me – as many of you do, thank you!

I also want you to sink into the knowing that it’s all happening in the way it’s supposed to, that the signs are always there for you.


You just have to slow down, tune in, lighten up, and get playful about finding whatever it is you’re looking for.

And this month?

Let’s make it a bear.


A bear hibernates in winter, for those of you who are freezing your a*s&s off in NYC like me.

Hibernation reminds us to slow down just a little bit more this month. It’s “a state of minimal activity” and is characterized by slower breathing.

Maybe you can prioritize breathing into the overwhelm, or focusing on your sleep.

So in this month of LOVE, try to give yourself a little more love. Slow down, sleep more, and search for some bears.

As always, please share your findings with me!

With fierce love (as love should be celebrated every month of the year),

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