animal messenger: frog

While living in Boston during college, my friends and I drove up to Maine one weekend to go on a hike.

If I don’t remember the name of the mountain, it’s because all I remember is how random it was to bump into my elementary school friend’s dad at the summit.

I guess it’s not that bizarre except that he’s from NJ and this Maine mountain was kind of unknown.

The reason it was mind-boggling is because I hadn’t seen or thought about that girl in over a decade, yet I had literally just brought up her name the day before.

Does stuff like that ever happen to you?

You remember something, and then you see it? Or you say something, and it pops up shortly after?

It’s the synchronicity of life I love so much, which is why I suggest a monthly animal and invite you to join me in finding it.

The messages behind each animal in some way supports our work of growth.

But we also search as a way to play…adding a little more fun to mundane tasks in our daily life.

Take food shopping as an example. Maybe you saw a bluebird on a package during our “bluebird” month and it made you smile.

Or maybe you were jogging along the Hudson River and saw two bears on a stranger’s sweatshirt and were so excited that you did a 180 and almost fell on your face (not saying I did that).

Or maybe you walked into a pharmacy and saw a magazine cover with a giant tiger on the first day of our tiger month (I am saying I did that).

I mean, have you ever seen a magazine solely dedicated to tigers?


There are not many rules in our monthly animal search so look anywhere – a shirt, a billboard, online, or in real life.

But trust me, you’ll find it the moment you tune in.

It’s a pretty powerful reminder that the brain can’t find what it’s not looking for.

Just like everything in life – work, love, wellness – clarity about what you really want is the only way to get there.

So our animal messenger this month?

We’ve been searching for FROGS.

It’s already halfway through May, I’d love for you join us and get the game.

Why the frog?

First, I write a lot about play and let’s face it, frogs love to play.

Frogs also do a lot of self-cleansing, a great reminder in the spirit of decluttering and spring cleaning…

What’s more, frogs are a symbol of transition, transformation, and good luck.

So happy frog searching!! I can’t wait to hear about what you find. Send me a DM or reply to this email with your sightings or a photo.

Last week, I found a Muppets DVD after hours of decluttering (remember DVDs?) and yes, even Kermit counts.

With fierce love,

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